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Global Network for HIV and AIDS Research is an investigators initiated program evolved during the International Conference on Cellular and Molecular Biology and Therapeutics of HIV and associated viral infections held during Jan 12-14, 2007 at the University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad, India. The formation of such a network of basic and clinical scientists would help building global partnerships, collaborations and cooperation in advancement of our efforts in HIV and AIDS research.

The online forum would enable the NGOs, HIV positive groups, students and persons interested on HIV/AIDS in exchange of information and understanding of quality assurance and capacity building in our fight against HIV/AIDS.

Since it is an online interactive program it will reduce stigma and broaden the understating of the disease dynamics and its prevention and treatment approaches in respect of all the sections of Society.

1. Posting Current HIV/AIDS Research Trends                   
4. Member Information Resource
5. Contacting Members through Web
6. Current Methods for HIV/AIDS Research
7. Forth-coming Conferences
8. Other HIV/AIDS Resources
Eminent Personalities  
Arvid Carlsson Barry J. Marshall David Baltimore  E. Donnall Thomas  Edvard I. Moser  Eric R. Kandel 
Françoise Barré-Sinoussi Har Gobind Khorana Harold E. Varmus Howard Martin Temin J. Michael Bishop J. Robin Warren
John O'Keefe  Joseph E. Murray  Luc Montagnier  Paul Greengard  Peyton Rous  Renato Dulbecco 
Robert C Gallo Stanley B. Prusiner Venkatraman
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